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Development Timeline

An incident, detection, and response solution like no other, X-PHY® Server Defender is the world’s first system that protects all 7 layers of the OSI network model for holistic, proactive, and uninterrupted protection.

Phase-1: Full Architecture Attack Surface Reduction

Q1 2024

Data Bus Sentinel

Monitor read and write operations to RAM, ensuring data security.

Real-Time Security

Identify and report anomalous threats in real-time.

Web Portal

Access a user-friendly web portal to monitor and track DMA attacks.

Rapid Recovery

Restore the system to its uncompromised state, ensuring business continuity.

Phase-2: Full Architecture Threat Detection & Response

Q2 2024

Detection & Response

X-PHY® Server Defender detects attacks that bypass event or log-based monitoring, enriches SIEM, SOAR, and other SOC tools with real-time threat detection, and connects threats across On-Prem/hybrid environments in a single view.

Rollback & Tracking

It automatically rolls back malicious changes and offers granular rollback support in a single console.

360° Shield

X-PHY® Server Defender DMA Monitoring and extends protection against a wide range of malware threats, including (Fuzzers, Analysis, Backdoors, DoS, Exploits, Generic, Reconnaissance, Shellcode, and Worms).


X-PHY® Server Defender swiftly identifies and recovers from ransomware attacks, minimizing business disruptions.

Phase-3: Application Layer Security

Q4 2024


Fortify your software against JavaScript vulnerabilities.

Payload Attack

Protect your applications from payload attacks with our advanced defense mechanisms.

Firewall Query

Utilize machine learning to actively filter legitimate and malicious firewall queries, enhancing network security.

URL Safeguard

Detect and block malicious URLs, securing your users from online threats.


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